Does the Length and Girth of Your Manhood Really Matters for Satisfaction of Your Female Partner in Bed? Read On and You Will Learn!

You have to realize one very important thing - even if your girlfriend or wife will not confess it openly, the truth is that when the matter comes to the issue of the penis size, the majority of females do give preference to more impressive manhood instruments. The natural question that comes into mind in the first place is: "What is the definition of "more impressive" in terms of the penis size? What do the ladies consider a really big dick?" As was established by several surveys into the topic, a considerably large number of ladies consider a penis to be "really big" if it gets seven inches of length or over that size. The related girth should be not less than five inches.

As was discovered by sexual therapists, there are three major reasons for female sexual unhappiness. They are impotence, premature-ejaculation and : a small penis size! As you see, this problem is included into the top list of female leading sexual dissatisfaction problems!

It is true that out of the compassion and the understanding nature of most women, they seem not to be so open with their boyfriends/husband and try not to disclose the question of their boyfriend's/husband's penis size and their unhappiness with it. They prefer to make believe that it is not actually the size that matters but the attitude of their partner and his craftsmanship in using his instrument.

Some people consider that the reasons of the preference that females give to larger penis are totally based on the more powerful sexual and aesthetical appeal that a well-hung reproductive instrument exercises on the female part of humanity. Is there any truth behind this assumption? The answer is definitely YES! A big penis is actually more aesthetically pleasing to ladies!

But this is not the only reason and even not the most important one. There are also more others to be taken into consideration.

In order to understand why the majority of ladies do prefer men equipped with bigger penises, one should consider the anatomy of the female sexual organs and the way they react to penetration of the penis shaft during the actual sexual intercourse. A bigger length and girth of a penis means its physical capability to penetrate much deeper into vagina and much better stimulate more sexual centers, both around the walls of the vagina and deep into the vagina. Yes, that is true; a skilful lover can drive his girlfriend to an orgasm by just rubbing and fondling her clitoris. But the clitoris orgasms are not as powerful and satisfying as a vaginal one. Clitoris orgasms that she would experience are short (similar to the type she can achieve by masturbating). But a combination of deep penetration of the vagina and the stimulation of her clitoris brings sensations that are much beyond a common clitoris orgasm. And in order to please you lady with a vaginal climax a really thick and bigger penis is essential. The vaginal orgasms are much more explosive and durable and any lady would dream about experiencing them again and again.

The popularity of impressive penises among younger age group of ladies is connected with the fact that guys with bigger penises are much more confident as far as their behavior is concerned during sexual intercourse, they feel and act as true fantastic lovers. In this respect their less well endowed counterparts do not stand the competition. So much for the reasons why young ladies so readily fall for the guys with impressive male equipment.

For many ladies just the sight of an erect big penis is a great sex appealing stimulus to wake up their appetite for sex. They adore the sight of a thick and long penis since it makes them much more open to achieving multiple orgasms. Many of them report getting perfectly ready for wonderful sex just when they see an erect large penis. No foreplay is needed, just straightforward action right now!

A prospect of having a large penis penetrating her deep in to the vagina is a perfect scenario that makes it much easier for women to achieve multiple orgasms. That is the female sexual responsiveness is hard wired into her body. She just cannot help but be over receptive in response to be penetrated by a sex partner. You have not yet come to fondling and foreplay but your lady is already aroused.

An anonymous medical survey was conducted in 2004 to research the attitude of female part of society to penis size increase of their partners. According to the results of the survey, over 85% of polled women wished it to their male sex partners to be able enhance the length and girth of their penis. That proves beyond any doubt that most women love and need a big penis.

But there is another very illustrative fact that was revealed by the survey. Most of women who participated in the survey reported that they had never said anything concerning their dissatisfaction with penis size to their boyfriend/husband. They had never brought up this issue at all! They did not want to hurt the feelings of their lovers and were perfectly convinced that a couple should be happy with the penis size that the Mother Nature endowed the male partner with! Since nothing can be done about it!

They were totally wrong! There is nothing more farther from the truth that the notion of impossibility to help with small penis problem. Today a large number of men have already made use of several penis enhancement methods that are being offered for all concerned with enlargement of their manhood. A man does not have to be stuck with his modest penis size till the end of his days. There are now efficient methods at disposal of all those who wish to enlarge his penis. One can make use of penis exercises or herbal penis-enlargement pills or a combination of the former or the latter. I personally would recommend this approach as the most beneficial.

Penis exercises have gained considerable popularity as of recent. Their principle is to apply stretching tension to your penile shaft tissues as well as increasing the inflow of blood to the erectile penis chambers, which is additionally beneficial for harder and longer erections. The tissues react to the external pressure by producing more tissue cells. In this way during the intervals between the exercising sessions the penile tissues heal and re-grow, making your penis bigger in length and girth. The practicing of penile exercises requires considerable self-discipline and determination. You should conduct sessions on regular bases for several weeks. Only in this case you will see noticeable positive results.

The all-natural herbal penis-enlargement pills are great for overall improvement of your sexual stamina, libido and they also considerably increase blood circulation in male genitals. In this way they are an efficient remedy against the erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, impotence as well as low and stressed libido. And they stimulate penis growth too. The effect of the herbal pills can be compared to those special supplements that bodybuilders use to improve the results of pumping up for their muscles. With exception of the fact that a penis does not contain any musculature, of course!

There is one disadvantage of all-natural herbal penis-enlargement pills. The penis growth that they are able to provide on their own is not permanent. If you quit taking the medication, all your penis gains are bound to dwindle away, slowly, but inevitably. On the contrary, in combination with penile enhancement program of exercises you will get the maximum from both enhancement methods. The pills will increase your libido and improve the blood circulation in the area of genitals. In this way the exercises will bring positive results much faster and the beneficial changes will stay with your for good!

That is the reason why some reputable all-natural herbal penis-enlargement brands like VigRXPlus and Prosolution pills usually include some efficient and proved natural penis-enlargement program into a single package with their pills.

Is the small size of your manhood a constant source of stresses and distresses for your self-confidence and sexual satisfaction? Are you seriously contemplating to set off on a penile enhancement program? Do not hesitate, do not waste time! Chose some quality natural penis-enlargement exercise program and get the most of it by combining the programs with some quality natural herbal penis-enlargement pills! In a few weeks the world is to witness the emergence of a new person with an astonishing size and performance of his manhood!