1. Dexa at Femoral Neck Is Best Predictor of Hip Factor, this news is from a report "Osteoporosis in Postmenopausal Women: Diagnosis and Monitoring" from Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. A women's likelihood of being diagnosed with osteoporosis depends on the type of bone measurement test used and the number of sites tested, such as the forearm, heel, hip, and spine. Repeat bone density testing at the end of one year of treatment may not represent the full response of medication. A summery of this paper can be viewed at

2. Antiepilepsy drug may have benefits for treating migraine headaches. Topiramine is a medicine that is approved for treatment of epilepsy. Based on review of six clinical studies, this may be effective for migraine prevention. Topiramate helped to prevent some proportion of migraine, cluster, or chronic daily headaches in 26%-61% of patients. This report comes from the Diamond Headache Clinic, Dr. Maria-Carmen Wilson.

3. Evening primrose oil has shown benefit for women whose main symptom in PMS is mastalgia. According to the most recent issue of Clinical Evidence, Dec.2000 there is evidence that supports these claims. Evening primrose oil is one the most popular over the counter treatments for PMS. In the UK it is licensed for premenstrual mastalgia.

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